domenica 14 agosto 2011

Although I have not posted in the last months I learned a lot and I made my first map ever.
I needed to have my playground, and so I decided to freeze all my creation and make a map for learn and test my models and materials.
It had to be a small and simple environment, but I found that really fun make maps and so i also try to make it playable. Since the beginning of January I renounced to make maps and imports with other modeling programs and I started to learn gtkradiant.
I decided to use gtkradiant 1.5 in a way that is compatible with Enemy Territory and True Combat Elite. When i finish i move the map into doom3/xreal changing of course everything need including the shaders.

I start to learn the basics of (which I'm finding to be valid in UDK also) :
- the terrains creation (alphablend)
- the optimization (details/structurals/hit brush, area portal, caulk, ...)
- the generation and the problems related to the lightmap (use of caulk, light leak, lightmapscale, ...)
- q3map2 switches
- scripting

I also tasted terragen2 free edition software and I made the skybox with it.

The Map is very raw and still requires much work before it's over. I have to heavy work even on textures/shaders that are too cleans and also on the geometry by adding damage and other details.

I enjoyed doing a script to handle some popup targets activated by players proximity and deactivated when hit (bulletsensor tutorial here ->
Everything works perfectly in Enemy Territory but unfortunately there seems to be some trouble in True Combat Elite. Only in TCE seem that it is not possible damage the script_mover with bullets. The health decrease only with melee and grenates.

I also tried to do an intermediate stage when destroy the glass (glass -> glass shattered -> glass debris).

The MapObjects are all made by me and are all works in progress.

I got bored of the license terms of the textures coming from other parts (for example CGtexture, Flickr, Google, ..) and I decided to make a set from scratch. All textures are derived from original photographs taken by me. Around eighty seamless texture with size 2048x2048 (currently only diffuse).

here some screenshot

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