martedì 11 giugno 2013

mdm mdx first shot

No way to make a brand new game... making a game from scratch is very demanding and requires resources, determination and lot of time. It would be a nice idea to check how long the credit list of a game is before starting to make a new one.
I've never played to True Combat: Close Quarter Battle and a month ago I made a couple of shots on a Japanese server against some bots ( It's really well done! I was impressed by the quality of the game and so I tried to do some experiments.
First, I converted my (unique) map for cqb. Then I started to experiment with how I could customize the the player models (a little nightmare!).
However, many smart guys lost many hours of sleep to explore the  mds/mdm/mdx format before me and left great tools and tutorials without which I would not be able to get any result.
Here are some screenshots of my first raw attempts after a couple of months of work (mixed shot from cqb & tce).
It's only a first attempt and everything has to be improved.
The best thing would be to redo completely the animations because they can be greatly improved, but currently I've used the original ones even if I had to make many compromises.