sabato 28 settembre 2013

Enemy Territory animations

In the summer holiday I could not use my PC so I only spent a bit of time redo the set of common texture ...

Recently, I tried to become familiar with the ET animations system, looking at the file body.aninc and human_base.script. It was quite clear but honestly I have not figured out exactly how transitions are managed. However, it all seems very flexible (I think you can even customize the animations for each type of weapon). Initially I thought to redo the animations strictly necessary for TC:CQB, but after a brief exchange with the developers of ET:Legacy I decided to redo all the animations, to ensure the highest compatibility.
Many animations are very similar and have been made by observing the initial and final poses and keeping the number of original frames.In any case, all the animations are made from scratch.
Here are the ones did untill now (although a subsequent tuning phase will be necessary...).

death_machinegun_1, death_rifle_head_2, death_machinegun_2, death_gut, wounded_idle_1, revive, stand_binoculars, stand_radio, pain_head, pain_chest, pain_gut, pain_groin, raise_rifle, stand_rifle, firing_rifle, reload_rifle, firing_rifle2

I knew it would have been a long task, but I never imagined that it was so long...