venerdì 10 gennaio 2014

new roadmap

Recently, I made the walk/run/crounch forward cycle animation only (maybe I'll do and load some animated gifs).
I have had very little free time and cannot proceed as fast as I would like. For this reason, I had to change my roadmap because I realized that change the all animations at once can't be achieved. I will proceed step by step and add new animations in separate files to be loaded by the file human_base.anim
Unfortunately, with this system I will be forced to use the old player's bone structure until the end.

Anyway, this is ready to be exported:
1 CQB blue player body
1 CQB red player body
4 head
4 headset
2 Accessories

All the models are normal map ready. I forced me to make them keeping in mind that all must be modular and "2d skinner user frendly". This means for example that uv maps are maybe not perfectly optimized.

Next steps:
- Texture for all the mesh (photosource)
- CQB player essential animation
- Head animation
- 2 CQB arm
- 1 ET allies WWII paratrooper player body
- 1 ET axies WWII paratrooper player body
- WWII headset & accessories
- ET player essential animation
- ET player complete animation
- 1 CQB vip/hostage body
- ET additional animation (vip/hostage)
- High poly model (for bake AO/normal map)

I think I can achieve everything I've written ... the only problem is to find the time to do that quite soon.