venerdì 21 febbraio 2014

crazy flying tag ... solved

I finally figured out what happened.

1 ) It seems that the verts of the neck are not assignable to any bone and can not be deformed. They simply follow the rotation of the head managed by tag_head. I made some changes but as long as you use existing animations there are no good results.

2) assign different materials it's necessary to be able to export the player mesh in different pieces (l_legs, u_body, u_rthand, u_lfthand). The bones are not involved in this process because aren't visible in the game... but for most 3d modeling programs the tags are triangles and are not considered bones so they maybe can receive a material by default when they are created. This can be a problem because they are considered as part of the player mesh when you make the export process.

I found a great resource with a real axis soldier tournaround and since the Enemy Territory Legacy project looks really active I currently start to work on ET axies WWII paratrooper player mesh (also i'm tuning a raw texture for CQB blue player body).

Next steps:
- 1 ET axies WWII paratrooper player body
- 1 ET allies WWII paratrooper player body
- WWII headset & accessories
- Raw texture for all the mesh to be used as referece if someone want to improve it.

venerdì 7 febbraio 2014

mdm mdx export problem

I like making animations but I'm much more comfortable with modeling so I am now a bit faster. I make a new body for the Allies for the recon class (fieldops and engineer) and I'm making another one for the Axis

I'm fighting with mds/mdm/mdx exporter and converter. It's really a challange, every time there is something wrong. Currently i have two problems:
1) wrong torsion of the head when is handle in real time with the mouse (when you look up)
2) crazy flying triangle just near the shoulder/neck (... probably wrong a tag_something).

I double checked everything but i did not find any reason. It's so frustrating ...
Anyway probably i can make some workaround:
1) change body rig / modify head mesh / tuning of tag_head position
2) texture with alpha for hide the triangle

Would not be bad to have compatibility with the Inter-Quake Model (IQM) Format.

 I also started to test / tune and reorganize all / write something about the licence and credits.