venerdì 7 febbraio 2014

mdm mdx export problem

I like making animations but I'm much more comfortable with modeling so I am now a bit faster. I make a new body for the Allies for the recon class (fieldops and engineer) and I'm making another one for the Axis

I'm fighting with mds/mdm/mdx exporter and converter. It's really a challange, every time there is something wrong. Currently i have two problems:
1) wrong torsion of the head when is handle in real time with the mouse (when you look up)
2) crazy flying triangle just near the shoulder/neck (... probably wrong a tag_something).

I double checked everything but i did not find any reason. It's so frustrating ...
Anyway probably i can make some workaround:
1) change body rig / modify head mesh / tuning of tag_head position
2) texture with alpha for hide the triangle

Would not be bad to have compatibility with the Inter-Quake Model (IQM) Format.

 I also started to test / tune and reorganize all / write something about the licence and credits.

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