sabato 26 aprile 2014

WW2 german paratrooper (fallschirmjager) progress

WW2 German paratrooper player (work in progress) for Enemy Territory Legacy 

Just some renders to see how it looks. There is still much to do. After the rig I'll have to see how the mesh behaves with the animations. Then tuning and the export phase (that always has some problems...)

Here some useful links that I used for reference

- great painting and guide for WW2 camouflage

- very useful miniature's blog

- great site with real soldier turnaround

- WWII Airsoft Association

helmet --> tris: 558, verts: 319
head (+ eyes & teeth) --> tris: 1254, verts: 682
u_body --> tris: 1222, verts: 642
l_legs --> tris: 1142, verts: 634
u_rthand --> tris: 392, verts: 198
u_lfthand --> tris: 392, verts: 198

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