lunedì 28 luglio 2014

WW2 allied airborne model

I have been very busy in the last period but I have made some progresses. The model of the allied paratrooper is finished and the textures are well under way although I'm not completely satisfied, because - for budget reasons - I had to delete the shoulder straps and paint them on the texture. I found a very low limit for all the polygons body models (I think due to export plugins) ... it's around 1600 verts or 3050 tris.
The specops model for CQB is also finished and the texture almost completed.
I'm putting what I did in order and soon I should be able to release two packages to be shared with the CQB\ETL dev team. The content of the packages is still at an early stage: it's very rough and there are still some problems (for example, the ones related to the neck deformation, which I previously written of). All the textures are hand painted and improvable, it is necessary to make more head models (also with face animations) and more body models, synchronize the arms models increasing the number of their polygons, make the tuning of the models rig, check the tag position and of course all the mdx animations from scratch. For the ETL package, headset and accessories are missing, and the models need to be scaled because they seem to be lightly smaller. I tried to maintain compatibility with the original asset, but it was not always possible. I decided to work on CQB and ETL at the same time even if it was much more time expensive, hoping in this way to increase the opportunities of collaboration and feedback. Nothing is completed and there is still much to be done but it can be a starting point.