sabato 23 agosto 2014


Finally I should be able to share something with the ETL\CQB dev team. Nothing special, it's just my working copy, but it might be interesting for someone to give a look and maybe make some experiments. The content of the packages is still at an early stage and it's very rough. Nothing is completed and there is still much to do but it can be a starting point. I decided to work on ETL and CQB at the same time even if it was much more time expensive, hoping in this way to increase the opportunities of collaboration and feedback. I decided to release 2 packages (ETL/CQB) under Creative Common by-nc-nd license, which include all models, textures and future animations but the content cannot be distributed separately.
Any copyleft (or creative common licensed) contribution will be truly appreciated and will be added to the package giving all credits to the author (look at README file inside for details) otherwise if someone wants to use "non-approved materials", he/she must make a further separate pk3, to overwrite the mine for the parts of no interest.

Notes and bugs for the Z_ETL_player package:
- headset and accessories need to be completed
- the models maybe need to be scaled because they seem to be lightly smaller
- problem related to the neck deformation (even if I can minimize it with a better rig of the model, the definitive solution is to remake from scratch the animations)

Bugs for the Z_CQB_player package (tested with TCE):
- Sniper2 ignore the configuration and use same cap of Assault1
- md3_rank --> why use same md3_hat model in the .skin file? null.md3 --> works!

Bugs for the Z_CQB_player package (tested with CQB_DIM):
- lean left/right has different angle inclination (you can see it with cg_thirdperson 1, probably not related with the Z_CQB_player package)
- no blood when you damage a player (probably not related with the Z_CQB_player package)
- missing headset model or texture for all players
- all allied players use the same head (Assault1)
- all axis players use the same head (Assault1)

In the "source" directory you can find:
- reference of model texture
- ambient occlusion of the model
- .skl file (very useful to see how a correct skl file is made)
- .mds file
- .mdm file (with right tag orientation)
- .mdx file (just 10 frames of the animation that I use for rig the player model)

Maybe it would be interesting to give a modern look to the ETL mdm player and a WWII look to the CQB mdm player ...