venerdì 7 novembre 2014

First animations

I spent very little time this months and I've had little progress although quite relevant. Finally, I exported and tested successfully an animation in CQB (a new knife set animation) and it seems that that the neck deformation area was much better. It's very positive because it means that all problems should be solved and I can start doing more bodys and start seriously with the animations (though I'll have to redo the rig). Now the only problem left is to find the time. This is a shot of the new idle knife animation ...

Since realizing animations without using a motion capture gives satisfaction but it is very complex & tedious (currently I'm redoing a "pain/death set" animations) I break a little trying to complete this old projet (this "bad guy" is from "Wargames" - 1983). Maybe it can be used as objective...

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