giovedì 14 maggio 2015


I have released a very experimental package with some new animations optimized for cqb 0.224/cqb_dim
The animations are NOT yet ready to use.
I released in case someone wants to play around and experiment a little.The content needs a really serious tuning (even to identify the number of correct frames) because there is a lot of possible combinations.

The "cqb" prefix means that is new or made for CQB while the "etl" prefix is the remake of an original animation. For example, the file cqb_common contains two animations that can be used in the limbo menu (cqb_menu_idle, cqb_menu_lookweap).

It would be interesting try to add new impacts point or enemy positions that at the moment are:
impact_point -> head, gut, groin, chest, shoulder_right, shoulder_left, knee_right, knee_left
enemy_position -> infront, behind

For death animations I am a little in trouble because I don't understand how & where are used the animations with "dead" prefix and a single frame (I only realized that are played at the end of the death animations) --> dead_machinegun_1, dead_machinegun_2, dead_gut.
I also try to force the original name and don't use the etl prefix in the etl_death.aninc and comment lines in body.aninc but strange things happen...
Probably I'll also add some ostages/civilians/zombie animations in the future.

ETL & CQB files

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