sabato 26 settembre 2015

Sig 552 animation

I had very little free time lately ...
I made the animation of arms for the knife and I completed the idle, attack, drop, raise, reload1, reload2, reloadfast1 animations for sig552 that is the weapon which is my favorite weapon .
The scale I'm using for arms and weapons is 80% of the real (the unit I used are cm) and it seems very similar to the original.
I'm also experiencing a bit the use of additional tags to see if you can find new solutions.
I must admit that some things are not clear to me (for example some animations as "raise" and "drop" seem handled from cqb via code)
However, the objective of this first implementation is not to make a realistic animation, but check if the scale/point of view that I have chosen is correct, check if I can save polygons and solve potential export problems.
Unfortunately, in these early attempts to use the new arms in CQB I have the old VirtualAlloc problem when the map is changed ... :(

Anyway here is some not ingame animated gif.
The sig 552 model is not mine (coming from the CQB package, a great & clean mesh btw).